We can enhance your audit projects in Mexico, Latin America, or anywhere else.

Talented Senior Consultants

We have a base of more than 40 senior audit consultants, all of them highly trained and with rich experience in multinational environments, ready to support your audit projects.

Maximum Flexibility

Our talent is available under a very flexible model. We have delivered projects that have taken 1 day, 1 month or 1 year to complete. Our rates are the best in the market. We can manage cosourcing or out-sourcing audit initiatives. And in Latin America, we
have the local knowledge and insight.

Worldwide Mobility

Our consultants can travel in Mexico, in Latin America, or basically anywhere you need them. We have delivered audit projects in more than 25 countries around the world.

Special Audit Capabilities

We have a multidisciplinary approach, combining specialists in internal controls,
forensics, IT, business intelligence, process automation and compliance. We have an
internal quality function to ensure objectives are always met. The result is a powerful
combination of skills that allows us to deliver extra value in each engagement.

Our objective: To work with the best internal audit departments around the world to help them manage the risks and opportunities of today’s global markets.

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