Tourism in Mexico is one of the activities that has been most determining in the economic development of the country and that today represents one of the pillars on which the economy of our nation is based, since it accounts for 8.7% of our GDP. Additionally, it is one of the most important originators of foreign currency, along with oil, automobile manufacturing, and remittances. It is a strong generator of jobs, as it contributes 8.9% of national employment, equivalent to 4.5 million jobs of which 57% are women. It is also the economic engine of entire regions, as an example we have Quintana Roo, which has 25% of its GDP in tourism.

The success of Mexico in the tourism market has been the result of the work and continuous effort of millions of Mexicans that have allowed us to position our country and the Mexico Brand as one of the internationally preferred destinations, and which placed us in seventh place worldwide with an arrival of 41.4 million tourists in 2018, and the fifteenth in revenue generated with $ 22.5 billion dollars in that same year. Domestic tourism has a preponderant weight, representing 83% of this economic activity.

Unfortunately, today the tourism sector is threatened by an economic tsunami resulting from the Covid-19 health crisis, which is shaping up to be the worst decline the tourism industry has had in history, affecting mobility and occupation, with its consequent impact on hotels, restaurants and tourist services, in a scenario that was inconceivable until recently and with a horizon of uncertainty, in which today the duration and impacts that this crisis may have cannot yet be seen, as it affects tourism both at the national and international levels, putting at risk the sustainability and presence of our installed capacity.

This becomes one of the greatest challenges in our history, and it is up to all sectors of society to respond with force, determination and energy to overcome a phenomenon of this magnitude. We have in our favor the strength of our nation that has shown a unique resilience that has allowed us to move forward in previous crises. It will take great creativity to get ahead. Create innovative formulas that can be effective to allow the sector to cover and overcome its different needs, such as lack of liquidity and generation of supply and demand, through different tools such as credit and capital support, participation of all types of investment funds, and especially the creation of financial guarantee programs, to be able to effectively support this relevant sector. The dividends of doing it and implementing it quickly and effectively will be of great value to society.

It is essential that we rescue this activity, which is one of our economic pillars and that also allows us to share and safeguard our cultural, gastronomic, musical, architectural and natural wealth, full of magical syncretism that makes us truly unique. Campaigns like Visit Mexico and Pueblos Mágicos shall be implemented to support domestic tourism, which is probably the most viable in the short term, and certainly the one that requires more immediate stimulus.

Tourism in Mexico is an element that goes beyond our economy. It is an intrinsic part of our image and our sustainability as a country. It is a basic component for our well-being and development. We must promote tourism, starting by setting an example and visiting our incomparable destinations once this important activity is reopened. Visiting Mexico now becomes a patriotic obligation, an exercise in solidarity that must be permanently maintained.

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